Homeland Security Degrees

Angelo State University
San Angelo, Texas

The Bachelor of Border Security (B.B.S.) degree is meant to increase students' awareness and understanding of current issues in border security within the wider realm of Homeland Security. The courses will increase the students' critical thinking and analytic skills across the diverse fields of homeland security, criminal justice, emergency management and associated legal issues. The degree offers three specializations to choose from: Crime and Border Security, Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism, and Border Security Law.  

The Master of Science in Border Security (M.S.) is an online degree addressing the growing needs of Homeland Security and law enforcement personnel who face an ever-changing world of transnational crime, terrorism, and other threats. It incorporates theoretical and practical studies of the key fields of critical infrastructure, intelligence, terrorism, counter-terrorism, law and associated constitutional issues, and emergency management as they are applicable to the field of Homeland Security. The Master of Science in Border Security degree is open to all those with bachelor's degrees, and is especially appropriate to those holding degrees in related subjects, such as criminal justice, law enforcement, emergency management, criminology and related fields.