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August 03, 2010

Looking for a career (and knowledge base) expanding training and networking opportunity in Emergency Management?

Much like how many of my experiences begin, I was looking for the next "level" in EM. I am always looking for the next great training to take and share with my facility, my peers, or the readers of this blog. Or maybe I could find a challenging certification program, a grad certificate, or maybe even an opportunity to expand my experience in field by promoting, volunteering, or serving on a committee/project. The day I found EmergencyManagementAcademy.org however, I found something I had been looking for off and on for a while now: a Fellowship. I bookmarked the page, printed the site screens, and quickly shot off an e-mail asking for more information. I received a very quick response from New York City lead Professor/Facilitator at the Emergency Management Academy, Scot Phelps. What is the punch line? Scot says it himself:
"I finally figured out if I want to develop high quality graduate emergency management education programs the best way I know how, I would have to just do it myself: The Emergency Management Academy is a graduate-level, reading-and-discussion focused program that facilitates participants mastering a SPECIFIC expert-consensus Body of Knowledge. No bureaucracy, no extraneous courses, no endless meetings- just rigorous learning of the industry-developed core knowledge through reading and discussion. This should be great!"

Well, the Fellowship in Emergency Management Begins September 20th…and I am planning to be a part of it. Immediately after reviewing the program's website in greater detail and speaking with Scot, I enrolled. In fact, I plan on reporting "live from the Academy" on a monthly basis. I will comment on the depth of the course work and the value of the interactions, collaboration, networking and experience overall. On that note, my cohort is shaping up to be very impressive…as of right now, 5 of the 12 slots are filled and one admission pending for the first Fellowship program. Among the first cohort participants are a well-known physician emergency manager, a senior business continuity manager from a major investment bank, an emergency manager from one of the largest multi-state health systems in the Midwest, a former NYC OEM staff member, and ME (no pressure). That, however, leaves 6 open seats in what is sure to be one of the most engaging experiences in the field, and the first in a long tradition of Fellowship academy cohorts. Will you join me?

What is the Fellowship Program?
"The Fellowship in Emergency Management is a 1-year intensive graduate-level learning program where participants read and discuss the Emergency Management Graduate Body of Knowledge, books representing the core knowledge of the emergency management field, as selected by hundreds of emergency management professors from around the world at the Federal Emergency Management Agency Higher Education Conference. It is designed for the mid-career emergency manager, and although it will focus on graduate-level discussion, participants are not required to have a previous college degree"
Working with cohort groups of 12 (or less) Fellows will read, research, collaborate, and master the science and application of Emergency Management principles. Upon successful completion of the program, participants will be awarded the title of "Fellow of the Academy of Emergency Management (FAcEM)".

There are still 6 seats left...but going quickly. I look forward to seeing you there (virtually)!

I invite you to join the ongoing discussions at Hospital / Clinical Emergency Management

Also, join me at Linkedin and on Twitter ( ClinicalEM )

As always, stay safe. dp

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