A fire chief's view of the power of communication technology

A moment-by-moment demonstration of how digital mobile comms can save lives

The remaining fire, police and emergency management chiefs who don't get social media probably have one eye locked on retirement. However, if you are working in a department that doesn't quite get it yet, I urge you, to read Chief Bill Boyd's latest blog post on "It's Not My Emergency." It's my great privilege to work with Bill, now a retired chief and active corporate executive involved in safety, on social media and emergency management training programs. His many years experience in the fire service, and as a PIO, enables him to speak with great authority on the value of today's communication technologies for response management.

Today's blog post, titled "You Are Already Behind" gives a blow by blow account of today's digital mobile communications and what it can mean to save lives and improve response effectiveness. Read it, share it, do it.