Can you win a Pulitzer for tweeting? Yes.

Tuscaloosa newspaper wins Pulitzer for tweeting

Aren't newspapers supposed to print news and citizens use Twitters that newspapers monitor so they can report the news? In a man bites dog turnaround, here a Tuscaloosa, AL newspaper won a Pulitzer prize for---tweeting!

If that doesn't tell you about the state of the news, I don't know what does. Pulitzer, for example, putting this kind of emphasis on instant news. And newspaper reporters getting on scene and tweeting their news rather than waiting to print it even on the news website.

But there is another vital gem in this story that goes to the heart of the main lesson these days for emergency management leaders: using twitter for situation awareness.Here's what the article says:

The News journalists arrived at many scenes of destruction even before emergency first-responders. The National Guard relied upon some of those tweets to decide where to deploy first, Lee said.

Whether it is official journalists or citizen journalists, more and more emergency responders know that the information conveyed through this and other social media channels is vital for effective response.

Congratulations Tuscaloosa News!