Experts agree--Sandy a watershed event for social media in emergency management

Two great summaries of the impact of Sandy on emergency communications

Two of the people who I learn the most from about emergency communications have written outstanding summaries of the communications around Sandy. They clearly agree: this event is important in the history of emergency communications.

James Garrow (public health communicator, Pennsylvania) talks about the inflection point. That point in the adoption of innovation where the early adopters have done all they can, and the continued acceptance of the innovation is dependent on the non-enthusiasts, if I can put it that way. James also provides an outstanding list of links of national media stories talking about the role of social media. 

Patrice Cloutier (my most common source for great finds to share with you here) gives us 10 reasons why there will be a "before Sandy" and "after Sandy" in emergency communications. 

Social media and digital communications is now deeply embedded in emergency management. There is no going back. Those who continue to stick their head in the sand are only exposing a part of their anatomy most vulnerable to getting kicked. Those of you who have been pushing your superiors who have been dragging their feet, you have all the ammunition you need. For those continuing to drag your feet: Lead, follow, or get out of the way.