Sandy: Homeowners Calling it Quits Living in a Flood Zone

This is another story of how perhaps we have reached a turning point on climate adaptation.

If you look at flood statistics in the United States you will see that many times the majority of flood payouts are going to the same homes, again and again and again.


Stop the insanity!  We should not be funding it a federal government.  If people want to live in high risk areas--let them pay the "full price" of flood insurance, which we all know gets hefty taxpayer subsidies.  


It was disheartening to hear the stories of Flooded Out Homes that have had multiple flood events in recent years.  But, on the other hand it gives me hope that people can learn from their experiences.  There are people saying, enough is enough.  It does not make sense to stay in a high hazard area.


Convert the land to green space.  Put in an athletic complex of soccer and baseball fields and park trails.  Let it flood and then reclaim it from the flood waters with little or no infrastructure damages.