Obama's 2012 Budget

See highlights of the President's proposed 2012 Budget

Here are the highlights on the Department of Homeland Security's budget.  You will note that it is up ever-so-slightly when most departments took a cut.  I think both the Democrats and the Republicans are afraid of cutting the DHS budget just in case there is another terrorist attack and then they would be accused of being soft on terrorism.

Agency: Homeland Security

Spending: $44.3 billion

Percentage Change from 2011: 1.8 percent increase

Discretionary Spending: $879 million

Highlights: Obama's proposed homeland security budget would provide money to purchase 275 full-body imaging machines for airports. These machines have been criticized by privacy advocates who say the images are too explicit. Aviation and cargo security remain a top administration concern as terrorists continue to target both for attacks. The president also asked for more funds for federal air marshals than he requested the previous year. And the budget proposal includes money to hire 300 more Customs and Border Protection officers to screen passengers and cargo.

Grant funding for state and local law enforcement along the southwest border would be cut by $10 million, despite continued security concerns posed by Mexican drug cartel violence. Obama also proposed cutting more than $450 million to consulting and professional service contracts and called for reduced spending on travel, printing and supplies.

The budget also calls for funds to replace aging equipment in the Coast Guard, Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Customs and Border Protection.


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