Random Hacks of Kindness (RHoK)

Marshalling the powers of the internet and tech savvy users--emergency management may take a great leap forward today.

I know that some emergency managers "don't want any help" from average citizens.  They are perceived as just "getting in the way" when you need to be working on other things.


Since we don't have all the technology support that we need I think the movement (I'll call it) of Random Hacks of Kindness is one example of what we can tap into if we open the door and let people come in and assist us in ways that we perhaps can't even envision.  Even more importantly, is there a way to dialog with them so that their efforts can be of even more assistance.


Today I was torn by the fact that there is an event in Seattle that I could attend.  Home ownership, my volunteer work at church, Christmas decorations blogging, and a dry day in the Pacific Northwest is keeping me otherwise occupied.


I look forward to someone sharing what came out of today's sessions!