$60B Federal Legislation for Hurricane Sandy

Look and see where the money will go.

Seven weeks from the storm's impact and now there is a Federal Senate Appropriations Bill that will provide funding to a whole host of Federal agencies.  The big number is $60B, but the trickle down impact is via this long list of agencies getting the funding.  $11B to FEMA for the Disaster Relief fund that will only jump start what state and local jurisdictions will need.  See Summary: FY13 Disaster Assistance Supplemental for a quick recap of the numbers and the allocation of resources.


Just yesterday i was blogging about mitigation.  There is $3B in the bill for mitigation, a mere 5% of the total of funding.  Better than nothing I guess and hopefully just a down payment on what is going to be needed long term to fix the issues that caused all the damages.  A big one is people occupying space in hazard areas where they should not be living.


If I was a Sandy Survivor I'd be hopeful, but ... this is a slow process, legislatively and administratively.  It will be months before funding from this bill is impacting people on the street.


Jerry Quinn shared the link to the bill.