Christchurch Earthquake--Two Years Later

Second in Two blog posts on recovery from an earthquake.

I earlier blogged on some of the lessons learned from the Christchurch Earthquake see Christchurch at Two Years--Still a Mess  


Now there is a PowerPoint posted on this same event that provides images from the recovery and statistics and some comparisons for what we might experience here in the Pacific Northwest.  John D. Schelling, Earthquake Program Manager did a presentation earlier this week and it is up on the Seattle OEM website, The Hard Realities of Earthquake Recovery: Christchurch, NZ – Two Years Later



The significance of liquefaction in this event  cannot be over emphasized.  Since my day job is in the maritime industry it is interesting to see the use of cargo containers for temporary businesses.  Temporary is a relative term given it has been two years since the quake.  Note the population losses after the quakes.  I expect there will be a long term decrease in economic output given the extensive damages to the business area impacted by the earthquake.


One day it will be our turn here in the USA.  Remember it is not just California that is at risk.