Cybersecurity: Advanced Persistent Threat

Digital capability also means we have digital vulnerability.

There was much ado about the recent announcement that there is a Chinese military unit that has been probing and robbing information from American companies.  See the Washington Post story at Report ties cyberattacks on U.S Computer to Chinese military


While port security has traditionally been about physical security our sights need to expand to these electronic threats that are not going away.  As security systems become more tied to technology we become more vulnerable to a different type of threat.  Most modern security systems are now IP based and that makes them a potential target for disruption.  This vulnerability includes access control systems and digital cameras.  


We need a close alliance with our IT departments and the expertise they bring to the table.  Additionally, as systems are transitioned to the digital world our staff need to understand what they can do as individuals to protect the systems that are protecting critical infrastructure.