First Judgment Day, Now Zombie Preparedness

May 21st and I've not been raptured yet. Oops! Time to become prepared for Zombies.

Today is May 21st and I'm still waiting for the Rapture to happen.  Of course, if I'm not raptured, I'll be left here to deal with all the Zombies that are sure to be walking the earth.  Looks like it is time to update the Washington State HIVA and add flesh eating dead people to the list of hazards here in this state.


The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) knows all about hazards and they have accented Zombie Preparedness at their social media website.  The photo there of a woman needing a serious manicure (is that dried blood under the fingernails?) is an especially appealing way to draw attention to the issue of disaster preparedness.  Fox News certainly knows a story when they see one, CDC Warns Public to Prepare for 'Zombie Apocalypse' 


Here's my take on it, "Way to to CDC!"  Instead of all this boring pamphlets and disaster talks, let's get people to at least read the material that is buried within the Zombie message that you are using to get attention to the topic.  This shows that at the CDC:


  • They have a sense of humor
  • Some naysayer eyeball rolling control freak did not find out about the ad before hand
  • The positive recognition will hopefully drive them to do more of this stuff

I can sense the future now:

  • Maybe it will loosen up the rest of the preparedness world.  I can see zombie cutouts at future disaster preparedness fairs (and gun shows) promoting disaster supplies (and ammunition).
  • People will start emailing emergency management agencies with questions about earthquakes and Zombies coming up out of the earth.
  • It will give a whole new emphasis to "blood borne pathogen" training that is needed for first responders.


Lastly, just a reminder.  I am an expert in Zombies having watched almost every Zombie Movie ever made.  To kill a Zombie you have to shoot them in the head.  Conserve your ammo, one shot seems to work fine!