Google's Interactive Disaster Resource Map

Take a peek at the future.

Check out Google's Interactive Resource Map for the types of information that you can obtain from the work of their crisis team.  


What you might not know is that there is only a small team of Google employees dedicated to having a system in place for a disaster response like what they did/are doing for Hurricane Sandy.  The rest of the work is being "crowd sourced" from the field and from their fellow Google employees who donate time to work on the response adding their skills to the mix.  


This is the future of work and disaster response.  Teams of individuals coming together for a common cause and combining their individual talents to produce a meaningful product that is not directed by government or a higher echelon of business management.  They do it without being directed to assemble in one location and their response is at light speed.


We need to figure out how to tap into all of this energy when the moment is ripe and people are motivated to contribute their time and skills.


Brandon Hardenbrook shared the link.