How to Get Fired During a Disaster

During a disaster it is easy to get fired--but this isn't the way to go out.

Disasters can always "Danger Points" in the lives of emergency managers.  I've always said that the disaster, especially a catastrophe, can be so bad that all our work before the event and in the response phase can look feeble.  


If someone has to end up with his head on a pike outside of the courthouse or statehouse it is going to be the Emergency Management Director, not the chief elected official.  Call it an occupational hazard!  Let this decapitated head be a warning to anyone who thinks they can be seen as failing during a disaster response.


The above could happen to the best of us.  On the other hand, there is this NY Times story about the State of New York Cuomo Fires Emergency Office Chief for Misusing Workers in Hurricane  If you are going to get axed this is not the way to go.  


I had finally met Steve just this fall at the National Emergency Management Association (NEMA) Conference when it was held in Seattle.  We had connected earlier via social media.  Call it a lapse of judgement...or...this is not how you want to leave a senior position.  


Remember that there are eyes and cameras everywhere and any act of indiscretion can be the end of a career.  Let us be the people who set the example for other government officials.