It is Raining Cats and Dogs in NY State

When things start going bad, they can sometimes keep going bad.

Previously I did a blog posting on the troubles Steven Kuhr has had with Hurricane Sandy and then his termination and then an ethics "thing."  See When it Rains, it Pours!


Now the deluge continues, this time not directly for Kuhr, but for the agency.  See the NY Post's NY's Disaster Management -- a Disaster  I would caution everyone that these are just allegations at this time.


The real point is that when things start going bad for an agency, sometimes there is no stopping the tailspin as everything seems to be falling apart.  This might not be true, but the public perception is that we have a public agency out of control.  Not a good thing for public servants trying to recover from one of the worst natural disasters the state has ever endured.