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Business Continuity Training Courses
August 06, 2011
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I was recently sent a list of Business Continuity Training Classes that provides a variety of training opportunities--all for a cost of course.  Which got me thinking about our own government training and certification programs that are available or not available to us.


We can point to the Certified Emergency Manager (CEM) as the only one I know of that has a national reputation.  Yes, some states do have some form of certification for their staff and local emergency management types.  Yet, when you look at the civilian/private sector side of the equation there is a whole host of opportunities for training and certification.  And, jobs in the private sector are increasingly requiring job candidates to have these certifications to be competitive for specific jobs.


While money is tight and getting tighter, maybe we should be looking to attend the private sector courses.  Perhaps you will have to pay for your attendance out of your own pocket as an investment in your future.  For the recent college graduates with emergency management degrees, you might be better off in spending money on getting certified in BCP vs. getting a masters degree.


Anyone want to comment on the above?  What do you folks in the private sector think of the training you take and the investment  in time and effort to get those certifications?



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