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Emergency Management Jobs--Hanging Ten
August 09, 2011
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I believe (since I'm not a surfer) that hanging ten means putting both feet out over the board.  Maybe I'm wrong on that one.  I do know that getting a job in emergency management is not an easy task these days and many do "wipe out" while searching for the right job, any job.  Contracting workforces, emergency management as a low priority and plenty of competition makes it difficult.  But, then I read a reader's comment in the weekly wrap-up from Emergency Management Magazine.  These are all good points being made, the challenge and then the opportunity that awaits.  There is hope!


"Great article! I echo some of your guys' sentiments. I work as a county emergency management coordinator in a rural area of the country and it is definitely a struggle for funding and support right now. Most county coordinators in my area wear other hats, by that I mean have other duties such as 911 administrators, or zoning admins, or environmental health such as myself. It is rare in our parts to have a full time emergency management position, although it takes a full time schedule to usually accomplish the required tasks, such as working on plans and organizing exercises, and responding to floods or tornadoes. I also came into this profession in kind of a backwards way, but I'm glad I'm in it and wouldn't trade it. You have to be willing to be very flexible and start out small. I see huge opportunities in the future with so many of the workforce being older in my area. Keep being persistent!” — Ben



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