Legislators Squabble Over Hurricane Sandy Funding

Who pays for Hurricane Sandy?

It was just yesterday that I wrote about Who Pays for Sandy? and then today I read an article from earlier in the week Federal disaster relief squabble may impact Kansas and Missouri  which highlights the hi-jinks over the funding of disaster recovery.


Consistency in decision making is something I highly prize.  It allows people and organizations to move forward knowing that they understand the system and that they are operating within the norms of behavior that are expected.  Consistent positions allows everyone to "tug on the rope" in the same direction--and you don't have to check back for guidance, you automatically know what to do.


Read the article about how some legislators were voting against funding for Hurricane Sandy disaster recovery because no off-setting cuts in the Federal budget were specified.  Yet, upon examination their own states and in some cases districts have been beneficiaries of Federal funding in previous and continuing disasters with no such corresponding reductions.


Jerry Quinn shared the link to the article.