Long Range Planning for the Planet

There is no Planet B.

We just celebrated Earth Day again this past week.  I guess some might say, "Tree huggers unite!"  


Today we live in a post industrial age, but yet are terribly dependent on many carbon fuels that make our modern society run.  I love my hot shower, the ability to turn the thermostat up or down, and drive to where I need to be, when I need to be there.  


I love the quote, "There is no Planet B."  It is of course a take off on Plan B as alternatives to what we are dealing with.  I've said many times the next era in history will be one of national conflicts not based so much on religion, but a battle for natural resources.  We will run out of fresh water and land.  Perhaps technology will save us by some new super ability to harness the sun more efficiently and then store electricity--the biggest hurdle of all.  


What got me thinking about the above is this article from the PSBJ on the opening of the Bullitt Foundation Building that is totally self sustaining.  I'm wondering how that will work on those long gray winter days in Seattle when the sun might not be seen for weeks!


All the above will happen in an era of increasing natural disasters brought on by a warming climate.  Whatever happens it is going to be dramatic and interesting.  Don't plan on just being an observer. We are all in this together!