Priorities for 2012 and Beyond

A national consortium of organizations and their emergency management and homeland security priorities

The National Homeland Security Consortium has put out a White Paper on Protecting Americans in the 21st Century:  Communicating Priorities for 2012 and Beyond  


Major issues they highlight include:


  • Cyber Hazards
  • Climate Change
  • Demands on Global Resources
  • Changing Demographics
  • Emerging Technologies 
  • Violent Extremist Ideologies
  • WMD Proliferation
  • Mega-Hazards and Catastrophic Cascading Consequences
The last item is one I'd like to comment briefly on.  When you look at the issues facing us in the future they are all inter-related to one another.  Much of the cascading problems we are seeing in large scale disasters are connected to the other issues.  We are becoming much more connected and dependent on one another as nations, communities and neighbors.  With this connectedness comes risk, but also some strength in numbers and the realization that to literally survive we will need each of us to individually contribute to the good of the whole.
When you have the opportunity to partner with another person or organization--take it.  We will need one another when the times get tough.
Marty Pastula shared the link above.