Quote: What is Truth?

Truth stands alone as a sentinel against those who would change the facts to suit their purposes.

“All progress begins by telling the truth.“  Lee Brower  The truth isn’t what it once was.  Today it seems to have been watered down, lessened to one degree or another by what it is we’d like to be the truth. 


During the last election “the truth” took a real beating, but it is not just elected officials who are fast and loose with their facts.  Others are just as guilty of stretching the facts or leaving details out of what they say or write so as to present their opinions or the “facts” as they are sharing them in the best light.


The truth is not determined by the viewer or the speaker.  The truth is what it is and no more or no less.  It doesn’t have shades of grey and it stands against all the less noble things people would like to be the truth—but are not. 


It is still OK to tell Aunt Gerry that you enjoyed the meal when the roast beef was as dry as a hockey puck.  It is not OK to change facts in order to make you or your organization look better in someone else’s eyes.  This is when there is an intersection between truth, integrity and courage.