Sandy's Costs Estimated Upwards of $80B

Yes, that's a B for billion dollars.

The Administration was up on Capitol Hill today asking for funding for disaster relief to support recovery efforts underway from the damages caused by Hurricane Sandy.  See White House To Seek Emergency Sandy Funds


Everything seems to be a political football these days and it looks as though disaster funding will turn into one in the coming weeks and months.  In the end $80B could end up being a smaller number than what is needed once all the work is completed--over the next few decades!  Yes, decades.  A disaster this big will go on and on and on.  Especially for the public works portion of the repair work and then hopefully post disaster mitigation funding will be supplied to help protect vital infrastructure and move people and things out of harms way by not rebuilding in exactly the same places.


I'll be writing about Hurricane Sandy until I'm dead!