Survey: Disaster Experiences In Use of Personal Assistants

For a select group of people--Pass it on if you know someone.

This survey is targeted towards a select group of people.  Those who have disabilities, lived through a disaster and used personal assistance services (PAS).  See request and survey below.  


Pass this along to people who you think might be able to contribute to the information base by taking the survey.


The Center on Disability at the Public Health Institute along with the Center for Personal Assistance Services at UC San Francisco is collecting emergency and disaster experience stories from individuals with disabilities who use personal assistance services (PAS).  We expect these experiences will lead to valuable lessons, techniques, strategies, and skills.


This is an opportunity to share what you have learned in surviving an emergency.


To participate, you must:

  • use one or more personal assistants (also known as an attendant or caregiver). This can be someone who you pay for, or someone who volunteers to assist you, including family members or friends. 
  • have in the last 5 years (since 2008), lived through a large emergency such as, but not limited to, a storm, tornado, hurricane, earthquake, fire, flood, heat or cold wave, power outage, or chemical spill. By large emergency we mean an incident that effects a large physical area, affects many people and overwhelms local resources which leads to the state and possibly  FEMA responding.
  • be interested in helping others understand and learn from your emergency experience
  • be willing to share your written or recorded story on the Center for Personal Assistance Services website

If this is all true for you, we would like to hear about your experiences.  Please go to to give your experiences. 

If you complete the questions, which should take approximately fifteen to thirty minutes, you will be entered into a drawing for which 5 individuals will each win a $50 gift card