Terrorism may decide the next Presidential Election

In France, that is..

Did I forget to say that the country in question and the election is in France?  See How a Terror Attack Saved French President Nicolas Sarkozy


In 2008 I closely watched the United States' Presidential Debates and much of the commentary on the different candidate's positions.  Not once did I hear terrorism or Homeland Security mentioned.  I expect the same for this election, unless there is an attack on the United States of one form or another.  Then, as is almost always the case the terrorism will draw support for the incumbent as we rally around our national leader.


I'm not wishing for an attack on the United States.  I'm not thinking that if one happened that it would benefit President Obama.  I do wish there would at least be a discussion of the issues surrounding homeland security.  Healthy debates are always good for America.  Maybe it is not possible to have that type of "healthy" debate anymore.  But, I think the more people consider our risks and how we are preparing as a "whole community" it would draw attention to everyone's role in preventing and responding to terrorism.