The End of the World "In Art Form"

The Mayan Calendar date of doom is approaching!

Death, destruction, doomsday prognostications--This is our day, this is our time...the end is near...


Well, many prophets of doom have come and gone.  Generally, almost always--well, yes always dead before the "world's end" has come.  Yet the survivalists have yet another "end of the world" to plan for with the Mayan Calendar that some would say predicts the world will end on December 22, 2012, give or take a millennium or two.


Now with art imitating life we have the artist Christina Mazzalupo doing an exhibit on doomsday prophesies that have come and gone.   It is a strange and wonderful world we live in.


As for the Mayans, didn't they know that we still have 28 shopping days until Christmas!  We need every one of them and cutting shopping short by two days just won't do.