The Next Technological Revolution Coming is Drones

Drones are in your emergency management future.

Years ago I saw social media as a turning point in emergency management's use of technology.  Today I think "one" of the revolutions in technology for emergency management purposes will be drones.  Perhaps a better name is UAV or UAS, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle or System.


See a recent story by NPR All Things Considered on two encounters by just one reporter as he jogged up a trail.  This chance encounter with someone as a hobbyist and another person doing "illegal" work, since he was charging for the service is but the tip of a huge iceberg coming our way.


Put your thinking caps on about how you might use a UAS for your purposes, be it looking for lost persons, search and rescue, damage assessment, wildland fire assessment, hazardous materials investigation, etc.


The good news is these don't cost an arm and a leg.  You might even be able to purchase one without a federal grant!