Emergency Management Events

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2012 All-Hazards/All-Stakeholders Summits


Emergencies caused by nature or enemies of state continually strain responder capabilities and dispersed infrastructures.  Optimum emergency management requires stakeholders across a broad range of disciplines to collaborate, share resources and deploy innovative strategies to help meet these challenges.

This mission of our summits is to help facilitate an exchange of information, showcase success stories and feature innovative solutions in order to help all-hazards leaders pave the way ahead and build joint strategies for the future.

Topics Include:

  • Innovative solutions and technology for improving community preparedness
  • Best practices on collaborative emergency management planning
  • Challenges and barriers to planning and preparedness integration across disciplines
  • Latest federal initiatives, including the "Whole Community" Approach to Emergency Management

Garry Briese

Outside Our Assumptions: The Black Swans in Our Future

   Garry Briese - Biography & Keynote Overview
    Local Program Integrator, Denver Wide Area Recovery and Resiliency Program

Past Speakers Include:

  • Tim Deal, Federal Preparedness Coordinator, National Preparedness Division, Region VIII
  • Barb Graff, Director, Seattle Office of Emergency Management
  • Kelly McKinney, Deputy Commissioner, Planning and Preparedness, OEM, NYC
  • Don McGough, Director, Boston Office of Emergency Preparedness
  • Liam O'Keefe, Deputy Managing Director, Philadelphia Office of Emergency Management
  • Lt. Commander Kevin Hill, MH65D Helicopter Pilot, Air Station Atlantic City, U.S. Coast Guard
  • Lou Trammell, Director, Arizona Division of Emergency Management (ADEM)