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Chicago Public Safety Technology Summit 2012

November 15, 2012 | Hyatt Regency Chicago

Event Agenda

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2012 Chicago Public Safety Technology Summit!

8:00 am      Registration and Morning Refreshments

9:00 am      Welcome Remarks

Marty PastulaMarty Pastula
Vice President, Emergency Management Media


9:05 am      Local Perspective

Commander Jonathan Lewin
Managing Deputy Director
Office of Emergency Management & Communications, City of Chicago

City of Chicago Public Safety Technology Overview

This presentation will describe Chicago's advanced technology platform for enhanced public safety, including surveillance cameras and situational awareness tools that played key roles during the NATO Summit.

9:30 am      Keynote

David Roberts

Senior Program Manager, Technology Center, International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP)

Technology Convergence—Key Trends & Operational Priorities in Public Safety Technology

Technology is transforming justice and public safety operations in fundamental ways. New and emerging technologies are playing an increasingly crucial role in the daily work of frontline police officers, equipping them with enforcement and investigative tools that have the potential of making them significantly better informed, safer and more effective. Technology is also changing the structure and operation of agencies, enabling administrators to more efficiently manage and deploy resources, monitor crime trends with greater precision, and target intervention and investigative assets with greater effectiveness. Technology is facilitating closer and more collaborative relationships between public safety agencies and the community, empowering the general public and raising their expectations regarding the transparency of government agencies. This keynote presentation will examine key trends in technology, policy and practice, and will explore operational priorities facing justice and public safety agencies throughout the nation and around the world.

10:15 am      Networking Break

11:00 am      

Building a Midsized Agency Real Time Crime Center

This presentation focuses on the free mapping tools provided by Esri. The audience will learn how to create maps, add data, develop interactive presentations, and how to save and share detailed, informative maps.

Mike King, Attorney General Chief of Staff (ret.) | National Law Enforcement Account Manager, Esri

11:20 am     

Solving Crimes Faster Through Information Sharing And Analytics LInX –
Law Enforcement Information Exchange

This presentation will provide the audience with an overview of the LInX solution.  LInX is a regional law enforcement information sharing system that is currently deployed in 11 regions throughout the US.  LInX was designed, developed, and implemented by Northrop Grumman under contract with the Naval Criminal Investigative Service.  LInX provides participating agencies with secure, daily access to cross-jurisdictional law enforcement data.  The LInX systems have been highly successful in the regions where it is deployed, and has assisted officers and investigators with high-profile case closures since its inception.  Greg Hazeldine will discuss additional analytical capabilities that are being added to the current LInX offering, and will provide an overview of the work Northrop Grumman is performing as part of the City of Chicago PD Predictive Analytics pilot program. 

Greg Hazeldine,
LInX Program Chief Technical Officer, Northrop Grumman

11:40 am      Concurrent Breakout Sessions

Building Safer Cities and Thriving Communities: Technology that Turns Information Into Intelligence and Intelligence Into Safety

With the age of the Smartphone, the expectations of citizens have caused public safety/admin officials to look at policing and managing the mobile workforce differently.   Sophisticated social network based threats have emerged, that require agencies to look at policing differently.  Intelligence based policing provides first responders the tools and information they need to make informed response decisions, leading to adequate and informed response teams.  Government agencies increasingly are focusing their attention toward bringing automated intelligence and analytics into their command environments to help alleviate the time mobile workers spend in the field and the ability to analyze and interpret the mass amounts of information.  Citizens expect to be able to send a text, photo and/or video of crimes, services needed, city maintenance, etc.  Seventy percent of police departments are using some form of predictive policing today – video from inside police vehicles, crime mapping analytics software, identifying serial offenders, or using historical data to allocate resources to maintain the peace.  Today’s public safety/admin leaders have recognized the urgency to manage the flood of data to bring focus toward the critical content and alert users to potential threats.  Predictive policing has always been a vital tool of the Command Center;  Motorola’s sophisticated approach to capturing, monitoring, analyzing, and disseminating vital data is at the cornerstone of our solutions.

This session will focus on the technology and expertise that turns the noise into information, information into intelligence, and intelligence into safety.  All of this leads to safer cities and thriving communities.

Scott Schultz, Market Development Manager, Motorola Solutions
Communications Continuity through Private and Public Sector Partnership
Session will discuss common threats to critical infrastructure and how these can best be mitigated in today’s world of mobile communications.  Will also discuss how public and private sector partnerships are key to response and recovery success at the state and local level.  Lastly the session will review the development of a common operating picture and how the unique satellite based capabilities offered through Sprint’s Emergency Response Team (ERT) have proven effective in multiple deployments.

Nicole Hudnet,  National Deployment Manager, Sprint Emergency Response Team

12:10 pm      Buffet Luncheon

12:40 pm     

Our Evolving Threat Landscape
Embracing the Unstoppable Forces in IT, Today and Tomorrow: 
From managing increased IT workloads with flat budgets to adopting new mobile devices and applications that live in the cloud to securing a "borderless" border with an ever changing threat landscape, IT professionals are faced with a daunting task: Making information readily available while keeping it secure. This discussion will focus on best practices for securing and managing information by adopting an intelligent, information-centric approach so no matter where the "system" resides, you can be confident your critical information is secure.     

Dale "Dr. Z" Zabriskie, Evangelist, Symantec Corporation

1:00 pm

Public Safety Technology Priorities: A Facilitated Dialogue

Moderated by:
     David Roberts
     Senior Program Manager, Technology Center
     International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP)

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