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Miami All Hazards-All Stakeholders Summit 2012

December 04, 2012 | Miami Marriott Biscayne Bay

Event Agenda

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2012 Miami All Hazards-All Stakeholders Summit!

8:00 am      Registration and Morning Refreshments

9:00 am      Welcome Remarks

Marty PastulaMarty Pastula

Vice President, Emergency Management Media



9:05 am      State Perspective

Bryan Koon
Director, Division of Emergency Management, State of Florida




9:35 AM      Local Perspective

Curtis Sommerhoff
Director, Office of Emergency Management, Miami-Dade County

Engaging the Whole Community in Emergency Management – Miami-Dade C.O.R.E.

Director Sommerhoff will provide an overview of Miami-Dade C.O.R.E. (Communities Organized to Respond in Emergencies). The program is designed to better engage Faith Based and Community Organizations (FBCO) in planning for, responding to and recovering from disasters.  A component of the DHS / FEMA Center for Faith-based & Neighborhood Partnerships “Building Resilience with Diverse Communities” effort, Miami-Dade C.O.R.E. identifies ways to connects FBCOs along the emergency management continuum.  The program seeks to incorporate a whole community approach in emergency management by engaging non-traditional partners.

10:00 am      Keynote

Lucien Canton

Consultant and Author of Emergency Management: Concepts and Strategies for Effective Programs
Former Director of Emergency Services, City of San Francisco

Crisis in Leadership or Leadership in Crisis?
No matter how well you prepare, performance in crisis ultimately depends on the leadership of those in charge. Yet we spend little effort on preparing those leaders to lead. Lucien’s presentation considers the human factor in crisis leadership and examines how decisions are made under pressure. He offers specific steps gained from his years of crisis management experience to help you lead more effectively in crisis.

10:45 am     Networking Break

11:30 am     

How Experience and Collaboration are Influencing Public Safety Solution Development
This presentation will share how the certain disaster response experience is shaping technology and development for the Public Sector.  It will profile disaster recovery capabilities and how collaboration with the Private Sector has spurred innovation. The presentation will also cover insights on the future technologies being explored to enhance field effectiveness.

Jenny Barnes, Senior Product Manager, Advanced Mobility Solutions, AT&T

11:50 am

Dr. Bill Lowe Sheriff Kem Kimbrough
Investigator Clayton County Sheriff's Office
Special Investigations Section  
Clayton County Sheriff's Office  

Mitigating, Preventing, Responding, and Recovering from Active Shooters Incidents
Dr. Lowe and Sheriff Kimbrough will share their knowledge and experience on active shooter incidents. Sadly such incidents are frequent enough that the shock factor has been diminished when there are media broadcasts of another incident. Society has accepted they are going to happen but WHEN and WHERE remain to be determined. This session will challenge participants to return to their respective communities and have “uncomfortable conversations” regarding their community’s “actual” preparedness for responding to an active shooter incident. Recommendations for assessing and improving the law enforcement and medical response to active shooter incidents will be discussed.

12:20 pm      Concurrent Breakout Sessions

Empowering Emergency Operations
You’ll be able to learn:
•    How to provide a common operating picture for situational awareness during emergencies and daily operations;
•    How to improve geospatial and visualization solutions while keeping costs down;
•    How to integrate Google mapping tools with infrastructure data and systems such as Web EOC to better manage emergency situations

Jennifer Montano, Enterprise Geospatial Manager, Google
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Communicating in Tomorrow’s Emergency
An influx of new communications technology presents both opportunities and challenges to Emergency Management leaders. The opportunity is to have more communication tools and technologies; the challenge is to tie them all together in a unified, communications system. This session will examine the path to integrated public/private, voice/data/video communications.  Getting there will require the ability to leverage existing and future technologies.

Dr. John Vaughan
, Vice President, Business Development, Harris Public Safety and Professional Communications
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Improving Efficiency, Reliability and Security in your Mobile Communications and Data Environment
If you’re looking at new technologies for your fleet like automatic license plate recognition (LPR), electronic ticketing, asset tracking, video surveillance, or even just laptop connectivity, you need to consider the big picture. You know that providing a data connection to vehicles is a minimum requirement, but how can you reduce officer down-time and justify technology investment in the current financial climate? Network technologies are changing quickly with the introduction of 4G and 700MHz for public safety. Before you proceed, be sure you can adapt in an ever-evolving wireless environment. You’ll want to consider new future-proof architectures for providing communications for all these technologies and we’ll share with you the key ways that such an architecture can improve officer efficiency and safety. Learn how a mobile gateway architecture can provide a communications platform that will support all your new technologies and wireless networks.

Paul Bazzano, Director of Sales, Public Safety East, In Motion Technology Inc.

12:50 pm      Buffet Luncheon

1:20 pm     

Alerts and Notifications. The Next Big Thing
The presentation will discuss improvements in location based alert and notification technology. The future of emergency management is putting location specific life saving information into people's hands. People can now receive location specific rich media warnings from authorities without giving up any information about themselves. Authorities can warn and instruct the public with information relevant to their specific location without knowing anything about them except where their phone is.

Jim Bender, Founder, President and CEO of Ping4

1:40 pm

Intelligent Policing Solutions from IBM i2

    Public safety is essential to the health and vibrancy of a city, but pressures are increasing on public safety officials to reduce costs and gain efficiencies while improving both real and perceived safety levels. At the same time, citizens' expectations of their public safety agencies have changed responding to crime and emergencies to preventing crime and pre-empting emergencies. Traditional approaches are evolving to become more instrumented, interconnected and intelligent. Data analytics and analysis platforms are proving to be a valuable tool in this arena to help agencies meet these daunting challenges. This session will provide an overview of an emerging capability maturity model for the adoption of new technologies within the public safety arena and discuss how agencies can leverage these new technologies to meet specific challenges. From better reporting and dashboards to complex social network analysis and video analytics, technology provides a lever to drastically enhance agency efficiency and improve operations and many agencies are already taking advantage of these capabilities to meet new challenges.

Chriss Knisley, Worldwide Manager – IBM Smarter Cities / i2

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