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San Francisco Public Safety Technology Summit 2012

August 28, 2012 | Hyatt Regency San Francisco

Event Agenda

8:00am       Registration & Morning Refreshments

9:00am       Welcome Remarks

Marty PastulaMarty Pastula
Vice President, Emergency Management Media



9:05am      Local Perspective

Susan Giffin
Chief Technology Officer, San Francisco Police Department

San Francisco Police Department Technology – From Laggard to Leader

Susan will share the experience she has had over the past year and a half in working with SFPD’s leadership to accelerate the implementation of new technology for SFPD.  This technology is being used successfully to prevent, solve, and manage crime.  Emphasis will be placed on how to make progress with limited resources.

9:25am       Local Perspective

Deputy Chief James Dudley
Administration Bureau, San Francisco Police Department

Welcome to San Francisco - Technology Challenges and Strategies

Deputy Chief Dudley will speak to our attrition and growth at the SFPD, how we manage day-to-day Police Services while moving forward with Technology in Policing, Addressing Crime and Managing Special Events like the America's Cup Events on San Francisco Bay.  Emergency Management and Technology go hand in hand in our overall plan to integrate into our 24/7 Department Operations Center in San Francisco.

9:35am       Keynote Presentation

Garry BrieseDavid Roberts
Senior Program Manager, Technology Center,
International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP)

Technology Convergence--Key Trends & Operational Priorities in Public Safety Technology
Technology is transforming justice and public safety operations in fundamental ways. New and emerging technologies are playing an increasingly crucial role in the daily work of frontline police officers, equipping them with enforcement and investigative tools that have the potential of making them significantly better informed, safer and more effective. Technology is also changing the structure and operation of agencies, enabling administrators to more efficiently manage and deploy resources, monitor crime trends with greater precision, and target intervention and investigative assets with greater effectiveness. Technology is facilitating closer and more collaborative relationships between public safety agencies and the community, empowering the general public and raising their expectations regarding the transparency of government agencies. This keynote presentation will examine key trends in technology, policy and practice, and will explore operational priorities facing justice and public safety agencies throughout the nation and around the world.

10:15am       Networking Break

Building a Midsized Agency Real Time Crime Center
This presentation focuses on the free mapping tools provided by Esri. The audience will learn how to create maps, add data, develop interactive presentations, and how to save and share detailed, informative maps.

Mike King, Attorney General Chief of Staff (ret.); National Law Enforcement Account Manager, Esri

i2:  Gateway for Fusion of Intelligence Led Analytical Discovery with Tactical Law Enforcement Applications of Data Mining
The tactical direct use of dynamic situational data within public safety operations has long been limited by access, human absorptive formatting, and timeliness.  Data mining systems now bring reference and recent information to the enforcement edge... The next generation of solutions will also fuse dynamic data based discovery with tactically available referent systems enabling officers in the field to ask, tailor, and receive highly focused information that expands their situational vision and multiplies their tactical insight based on their operational environment.  Complex and often dangerous tactical situations can be simplified and in many cases preemptive tactical options can be applied based on "Left of Boom" understanding that will save lives in both the protected population and within the policing force.

Christopher McKee, Senior World Wide Subject Matter Expert,  National, Domestic, and Public Security, IBM for Analytics and Analysis


Empowered First Responders, Coordinated Resources, and Continuity Planning Solutions for Public Safety--Next Gen Communications Solutions
First responders and commercial carriers all know one thing for sure – the ability to effectively deal with any emergency hinges on the ability to effectively to communicate. Understanding each other’s capabilities, goals, and requirements before an event is an important first step.

Mel Samples, Senior Industry Solutions Practice Manager, Mobility, AT&T

12:00pm  Buffet Luncheon

12:30 pm

Captain David Lazar
Special Operations Bureau, San Francisco Police Department

Planning for an International Sporting Event - 34th America's Cup

 The presentation will focus on the Law Enforcement planning effort involved in the planning for the 34th America's Cup. The presentation will include "best practices" in planning and collaboration with 30 Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies. The presenter will provide after action take aways after implementing the plan at the America's Cup World Series August 21-26.


Public Safety Technology Priorities: A Facilitated Dialogue

Agencies are tasked with securing a seemingly endless variety of information and services in the face of fast growing trends such as mobility, social networking, data sharing and cloud computing. All of this adds up to a very big set of challenges including security, privacy, and more.  This interactive discussion will address some of the latest technologies, strategies, and solutions.

Moderated by:

David Roberts
Senior Program Manager, Technology Center, International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP)

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