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Washington, DC Public Safety Technology Summit 2012

November 29, 2012 | Grand Hyatt Washington

Event Agenda

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8:00 am      Registration and Morning Refreshments

9:00 am      Welcome Remarks

Marty PastulaMarty Pastula
Vice President, Emergency Management Media



9:05 am      Local Perspective

Chief Cathy Lanier
Chief of Police, Metropolitan Police Department, Washington, DC

For more information: www.MPDC.DC.gov



9:30 am      Keynote

David Roberts

Senior Program Manager, Technology Center, International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP)

Technology Convergence—Key Trends & Operational Priorities in Public Safety Technology

Technology is transforming justice and public safety operations in fundamental ways. New and emerging technologies are playing an increasingly crucial role in the daily work of frontline police officers, equipping them with enforcement and investigative tools that have the potential of making them significantly better informed, safer and more effective. Technology is also changing the structure and operation of agencies, enabling administrators to more efficiently manage and deploy resources, monitor crime trends with greater precision, and target intervention and investigative assets with greater effectiveness. Technology is facilitating closer and more collaborative relationships between public safety agencies and the community, empowering the general public and raising their expectations regarding the transparency of government agencies. This keynote presentation will examine key trends in technology, policy and practice, and will explore operational priorities facing justice and public safety agencies throughout the nation and around the world.

10:15 am      Networking Break

11:00 am     

Building a Midsized Agency Real Time Crime Center
For more information: www.esri.com

This presentation focuses on the free mapping tools provided by Esri. The audience will learn how to create maps, add data, develop interactive presentations, and how to save and share detailed, informative maps.

Mike King, Attorney General Chief of Staff (ret.) | National Law Enforcement Account Manager, Esri

11:20 am

Exploit Your Assets Before They Exploit You
*Download this presentation.*

Steve Taylor will share how, from an engagement with Oregon State Police, the development of the PR*VIDE Asset and Inventory Management suite of solutions came to be. He will detail multiple cases and capabilities whereby an Agency can not only obtain fast payback on the investment but continue to make savings and improve responsiveness both to the public and internally.
In addition, he will share insights into how small groups can participate in a capability normally outside their resources and contribute to multi-agency capabilities.

Steve Taylor, Senior Vice President, Provista (An IBM Premier Business Partner)

11:40 am    

Empowered First Responders, Coordinated Resources, and Continuity Planning Solutions for Public Safety--Next Gen Communications Solutions
*Download this presentation*

First responders and commercial carriers all know one thing for sure – the ability to effectively deal with any emergency hinges on the ability to effectively to communicate. Understanding each other’s capabilities, goals, and requirements before an event is an important first step.

Jason Carlo, Industry Solutions Manager, AT&T

12:00 pm      Concurrent Breakout Sessions

Pulling It All Together - Managing All Classes of Assets As One
For more information: www.provista.com

So what have we got and where is it? And is it operational and who has it?

There’s Finances view, there’s Operations view, there’s the Lieutenant’s spreadsheet and there’s that other spreadsheet as well (I think)….

So much equipment these days, so much investment and we just can’t get a full picture of it all – or at least one that we believe is accurate. So how can we control and manage what we don’t know? By applying a multi-location, multiclass Asset and Inventory Management solution across your organization, you start to gain insight on what is really happening to all that “stuff”. And with that insight comes the ability to plan, manage and execute appropriate actions that will reduce risk, maximize skills and assets, improve officer safety and “squeeze more juice” out of both valuable and limited resources in your care.

Come and see how it all fits together in a demonstration of the PR*VIDE solution suite.

Steve Taylor, Senior Vice President, Provista (An IBM Premier Business Partner)
Enhance Emergency Communications with Wireless Technology
For more information: www.verizonwireless.com

At Verizon Wireless, reliability is part of our DNA.  Our company credo encourages employees to “run to a crisis” and emphasizes that “we work 24x7 because our customers depend on us 24x7.”  Since the company was formed we have invested more than $70 billion – more than $6 billion on average every year – to increase the coverage and capacity of our nationwide network and to add new services.  During this session we will describe how we prepare for emergencies, and discuss practical ways your organization can enhance emergency communications.  We will share many photos and lessons from our experience supporting crisis events across the country.

Todd Biebel
, Manager, Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery, Verizon Wireless

12:30 pm      Buffet Luncheon

1:00 pm

Morgan Wright
CEO/Chief Crime Fighter of Crowd Sourced Investigations (Connected To The Case)

Click – Connect – Solve: Crime fighting in the 21st Century
For more information: www.c2case.com

“The police are the public and the public are the police…” The very essence of community policing began in 1829 with these words from Sir Robert Peel. Explore how crowdsourcing can expand the scope, reach and frequency of crime fighting and involve citizens from around the world. With over one billion users on Facebook and over five hundred million on Twitter, social media can shrink the world for law enforcement and the criminals they pursue.

1:20 pm    

Our Evolving Threat Landscape -
Embracing the Unstoppable Forces in IT, Today and Tomorrow

*Download this presentation*

From managing increased IT workloads with flat budgets to adopting new mobile devices and applications that live in the cloud to securing a "borderless" border with an ever changing threat landscape, IT professionals are faced with a daunting task: Making information readily available while keeping it secure. This discussion will focus on best practices for securing and managing information by adopting an intelligent, information-centric approach so no matter where the "system" resides, you can be confident your critical information is secure.    

Dale "Dr. Z" Zabriskie, Evangelist, Symantec

1:40 pm

Public Safety Technology Priorities: A Facilitated Dialogue

Moderated by:
     David Roberts

     Senior Program Manager, Technology Center
     International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP)

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