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Contracting in Times of Disaster: Lessons Learned in Emergency Procurement Webinar

June 22, 2010 |

About This Event

Date:  June 22, 2010 - 2:00 pm Eastern
Time:  1:00 pm Central / Noon Mountain / 11:00 am Pacific

This webinar will provide both suppliers (or vendors) and government buyers with information on what to look out for before, during and after the contracting process, during a hazard.  Presentations and case studies will focus on evacuation and sheltering issues and demonstrate best practices on what worked and what didn’t. The Contracting in Time of Disaster webinar will provide lessons learned that you can apply to all disaster management situations.

•         How can resource providers and those expecting the service work better together?
•         How can the overall process be better understood?
•         How do/can vendors know what government needs are?
•         What provisions does government allow for in a contract to adjust if needed?
•         What are government’s best practices/shortcuts they have learned in the emergency procurement process (in dealing with resource providers)?

This webinar will feature 4 experts who will provide different perspectives on their thought process and challenges during the contract implementation process. You will learn new tactics and have the opportunity to have your questions addressed by the speakers.  Panelists include:

•         John A. Braeckel - Mr. Braeckel retired after over 44 years in the health care field. Recently, he served as CEO of a small rural hospital and Administrative Assistant in a University Pediatrics Hospital. He was State Hospital association Project Director and Hospital Liaison for 4 years; State Department of Health executive for 21 years including setting up and directing the state’s hospital All Hazards preparedness  program for 5 years, regulatory policy responsibilities, and directing the state’s hospital and Ambulatory Surgery Center regulation and enforcement program for 16 years.

•         Ed Tivol - Mr. Tivol manages the EWAPhoenix office in Bowling Green, KY that focuses on research and development, software design and engineering, and information technology related to Homeland Security and disaster management.  His team organized and led a registration and evacuation  tracking system during Hurricane Gustav.  Mr. Tivol has over forty years experience in the U.S. Army and industry in intelligence operations and security matters from the tactical to national levels.

•         Harry E. Colestock, III - Mr. Colestock joined Virginia Department of Emergency Management in 1993 and is currently Director of Operations. His previous experience includes State Recovery Manager, legislative liaison, and hazardous materials emergency planning, a special project related to the Department of Defense, and grants management.

•         Jason Eaton  - Mr. Jason Eaton is the Logistics Section Chief and Resource Manager for the Virginia Department of Emergency Management.  In this capacity he interacts with numerous areas of emergency preparedness and response for the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Is his role with the Virginia Emergency Response Team (VERT), Mr. Eaton oversees the logistical and resource planning and response activities.  Mr. Eaton has developed numerous disaster and emergency response standard operating procedures; most notably the business process models for request for assistance / resource management.

What You Will Learn:

•         Common mistakes to avoid in contracting during a disaster
•         What tools government uses to fulfill resource requirements
•         What factors government considers when choosing their resource provider
•         How to better communicate, manage expectations and exercise cost-effective solutions on disaster management contracts     and projects

Who Should Attend:

Homeland Security and UASI professionals, public health officials, healthcare practitioners (physicians, nurses, emergency medical services), private sector companies with homeland security services, emergency responders (fire and police), emergency managers, contractors, purchasers of third party services, college/university health managers and industry representatives with an interest in patient tracking and evacuation/shelter services, and anyone looking for insight into the vendor negotiation and contracting process.

How do I submit questions?  Registrants can pre-submit questions prior to the webinar by emailing info@ahcusa.org. There will be an opportunity to answer your questions live during the webinar if time permits.

How do I register? To register, click here.  Registrants will receive a confirmation and information on how to access the meeting at least 24 hours prior to the webinar. There are only 1,000 access lines for participation. All those registrants beyond 1,000 will receive an email from the webinar administrator about being placed on a waiting list 24 hours prior to the webinar.

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