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Improving Communications for Dispatch and Field Employees

November 15, 2012 |

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Governments have large groups of field workers performing a wide variety of services for citizens.   These field functions range from water utilities to parks maintenance to building inspectors to help desk IT staff.    In tight budget times, what’s the best and most cost effective way to communicate with such groups and coordinate and document their work?

Traditionally governments have built and used highly reliable but expensive private radio networks.  But today reliable communications technologies are available which combine the features of smart phones, cell phones, radio group calls, text messaging and much more but at costs of less than $1 per user per day.   Beyond just voice, such messaging can include photos, GPS and even recorded and text messages sent to an entire group of workers, all at the same time, using NextMail.

In this Webinar you will learn:

  • Ways to use simplified group voice calls and group messaging while decreasing mobile phone minutes used
  • Techniques to improve response time and keep workers in the field through improving information flow and optimizing dispatch
  • Using the communications device with NextMail to document field work through photography and GPS, including them as attachments to group calls
  • Distinguishing urgent calls from routine ones while reducing abandoned calls and busy signals


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Bill Schrier
Former CTO, City of Seattle
Deputy Director
Center for Digital Government


Dan Starr
Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Pacific DataVision


Scot Smith
Industry Solutions Manager


Raquel Figueira

Registration Coordinator, Emergency Management
800-940-6039 ext. 1341  |   rfigueira@emergencymgmt.com



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