Emergency Management Webinars

Innovative Training for Emergency Management Personnel

April 27, 2010 |

About This Event

Timely, efficient and cost effective training for today’s Emergency Management providers.

Today’s disasters, both natural and manmade, require a coordinated and effective response greater than from the traditional community of first responders.  In today’s world that requires making the most of scarce resources, preparation for disasters and catastrophic events requires quality, cost effective, and innovative training of a wide variety of potential responders and service providers.

With personnel shortages and travel budgets shrinking in ever greater amounts, effective and efficient training protocols require innovative techniques.  Drawing from the experience of commercial companies who have long recognized the value of innovative training solutions, a number of local governments have discovered a solution to that meets their essential training needs.

Join Government Technology and Emergency Management Magazine for this live, interactive webinar to learn new strategies for transforming your agency’s online training. 

You will learn how to:

    * Sharply reduce the costs of essential in-service training

    * Deliver time sensitive training in a time sensitive manner

    * Coordinate an effective emergency management response among dispersed organizations

    * Ensure that interrupted or segmented training is no longer lost training

    * Minimize the tedious process of tracking and documenting training

Featured Speakers:

Joe Hanna
Senior Fellow
Center for Digital Government

Emily Mellett
Solution Engineer
Adobe Connect

Michael Murtha
Defense Connect Online Tech PM

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