Cyber and Physical Security Special Report

No security plan is foolproof — but an aggressive and coordinated approach to cyber and physical security can limit the damage and honor the commitment state and local agencies have to protect the public’s personal information. Find out why this coordinated approach is critical, and how to make it happen, in this Special Report.

Contributed Solutions

March 2014

The defense and national security environment has changed dramatically in recent years. While the government agencies involved in defense and in national security remain the key national lines of defense, the threats that these agencies face are now more sophisticated. Enemy actors are utilizing up-to-the-minute technologies, capable of operating across multiple jurisdictions and theaters, experts at obfuscating purpose and intent and practiced in using high-quality techniques to achieve their aims. And while the threats continue to evolve and grow, national security and defense organizations face shrinking budgets and tighter resources.

February 2014

Everything connected to your PSAPs CAD is critical. This paper gives the pros and cons of all high-availability technologies in easy-to-understand terms. Learn how to keep your PSAP applications up and running 24/7/365, no matter your size or budget.

January 2014

By implementing new technologies today to replace legacy, ineffective, or rigid systems currently in place, jails, prisons, and correctional facilities will be able to keep pace with changing regulations and position these agencies to stay ahead of future changes and new requirements.

January 2014

Big city services. Small town feel. The AT&T Community Central application is changing the way citizens and their communities engage, from two-way communication to service requests and public transportation. Download this document to learn how this innovative application is giving smaller communities, a big time presence.

November 2013

The Police Department for the city of Chandler, Arizona, is leveraging machine data collected from their RMS, CAD and servers for critical insight into operational analytics, business intelligence, quality control, internal compliance and more. Learn how they connect the dots and see patterns and insights from their systems to improve productivity and help officers better respond to citizens' needs.

October 2013

Learn how the County of San Diego is going mobile with apps like SD Emergency to help citizens prepare, plan and stay informed.

August 2013

Learn how the State of Tennessee is transforming legacy analog 9-1-1 to an advanced, statewide 9-1-1 IP infrastructure.

August 2013

The reliability and continuity of communications is a key part of disaster response management with much of the responsibility for responding falling on local authorities and organizations.

July 2013

Many public safety agencies need to do more with less and link spending to outcomes. The global trends highlighted in this report show the increasing challenges and issues confronting public safety agencies. This white paper describes how developing competencies in five key area can help public safety agencies more effectively do their jobs in the face of extremely important and difficult sets of issues.

July 2013

Today, law enforcement faces greater challenges than ever before. In addition to promoting public safety and combating crime and gang violence, your agency has the added burden of managing limited resources in an economic down turn while at the same time delivering the highest level of safety and security. Innovative information technologies are playing a key role in improving law enforcement’s ability to anticipate events and respond appropriately. Predictive analytics is one of those technologies. By using predictive analytics, you can anticipate what types of intervention will be needed, and where. Plan, rather than react. And make the best use of your resources.


April 2014

Creating a modern emergency communications infrastructure is critical to help responders save lives. Allowing text-to-911, as well as data and image transmissions to public safety answering points has been a goal for years. But progress has been slow and challenges remain. With new data from a CDG survey of state and local respondents, this issue brief discusses some of the key hurdles to moving forward with NG 911 and how to overcome them.

March 2014

Text to 9-1-1 capabilities are right around the corner. Learn what it means for your emergency responders and public safety answering points.

January 2014

First responder communication is critical to emergency response. Emergency Management talks to Sprint about how to keep communications open during a disaster.

October 2013

Learn how Intergraph is arming first responders with critical information through its state-of-the-art geospatial solutions that help government respond effectively to natural disasters today — and plan well for those in the future.

September 2013

Find out how advanced automation tools can ease burdensome public safety staffing tasks by enabling command staff to deploy positions, manage employee schedules, and follow department scheduling policies faster and easier.

August 2013

Discover how an integrated IT platform helps EMS agencies overcome common challenges by giving them a unified view of their operations and improving information sharing.

July 2013

Learn how ping4alerts!, a revolutionary new mobile alert application, is getting critical information to the people who need it most in times of emergency.


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