Cyber Security Special Report

Cyber and Physical Security Special Report

 States and municipalities around the country are becoming inundated with security assaults. In an exclusive new survey conducted by the Center for Digital Government (CDG), senior IT and security department decision-makers report that 81 percent are bracing for cyber threats to rise over the next year, while 51 percent expect physical threats will also increase in the same period. It is now clear that defenses must grow in sophistication, and that security strategies require a higher level of coordination than ever between groups responsible for protecting IT resources and those working to keep intruders outside of protected facilities.

Fortunately, state and local security officials are far from facing these risks alone. Agencies of all sizes can draw on lessons learned — and shared — by their peers, along with a steady stream of commercial innovations from security solutions companies. This Special Report drills into these best practices, offers case study highlights of successful security policies across the country, reports additional details from the latest CDG research and provides a list of the top tools available today to defend against the shadowy community of domestic and international intruders.